Biden says 74 American dual citizens who were trapped in Gaza got out – with hundreds more still stuck inside war zone

  • President Biden revealed the news to reporters Thursday
  • It came after a handful of Americans got out of Gaza Wednesday
  • The US is trying to free Hamas hostages while helping dual-citizen Americans 

President Joe Biden announced Thursday that 74 U.S. citizens who have been trapped inside Gaza had been able to evacuate.

It is the second consecutive day Americans had been able to leave the besieged territory, as Israel continues to carry out air strikes while continuing a limited ground operation in the north. It comes after the White House announced on Wednesday that a handful of American had been able to leave, following delicate multi-party talks.

‘Good news we got out today 74 American folks, dual citizens,’ Biden told reporters in the Oval Office while meeting with President Luis Abinader of the Dominican Republic.

'Good news': President Joe Biden said 74 U.S. citizens had been able to get out of Gaza on Thursday

‘Good news’: President Joe Biden said 74 U.S. citizens had been able to get out of Gaza on Thursday

That number is still only a fraction of the Americans who have been enduring difficult conditions inside Gaza amid Israel Defense Force since the October 7 Hamas attack inside Israel.

The State Department says about 400 dual citizens have expressed a desire to leave, a number that grows to about 1,000 including family members.

In addition, a group described as a handful of U.S.-Israeli citizens kidnapped during the Hamas attacks who are believed to still be held inside Gaza. 

On Wednesday, White House national security spokesman John Kirby said the U.S. had been able to secure safe passage for wounded Palestinians and for foreign nationals ‘including Americans’ to depart through the Rafah Crossing into Egypt. 

‘This is an important first step in a process that we expect to see continue over the coming days,’ Kirby said. ‘The situation remains very fluid, but this is a significant breakthrough. It’s the direct result of weeks of effort and personal diplomacy by the President, as well as the Secretary of State and, of course, our special envoy on the ground, David Satterfield.’

The State Department has been contacting Americans telling them to be ‘ready to go and to await further instruction.’

Kirby told en route to Minneapolis with President Biden the number represented just a ‘first step in what we consider to be a multi-step process, which will take — which will unfold over coming days.’

‘We do expect to be able to get all our Americans out. But it’ll take … a few days. It will take some time,’ he added, following the release of the initial ‘handful’ of Americans.

There have been myriad challenges, with Hamas for weeks refusing to allow departures. Communications blackouts amid Israel’s insertion of troops inside Gaza have also caused challenges. 

The administration has faced growing pressure to get Americans out, with Israel cutting off fuel and water immediately after the October 7 attack, and the resumption of humanitarian aid deliveries via truck following US pressure. 

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