Emma Hernan, Bre Tiesi Confront Nicole Young Over Bullying Accusations

“Okay, so what’s your story?” Bre asks. “What’s your story? Let’s hear it. Since it’s so different, what’s your story? Because I’m so tired of the victim narrative in this office, like, everybody grow up. You’re a grown adult.”
And when Nicole offers that never called herself a victim, both Emma and Bre instantly disagree with the statement.
“You were like, ‘I’m being bullied,'” they say simultaneously. And after a little back and forth, Amanza cuts the dialogue short with words of her own.
“Hold on, time out,” the interior designer says, “Everybody needs to f–king stop. Cut the s–t. The bullying, the ganged up on-everybody at this f–king table is insecure, and it is affecting the brokerage. It’s affecting our friendships. It has gotten so below the belt, and everybody needs to f–king just be honest.”

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