‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ Leads Near 2023 Low Weekend – Deadline

Refresh for more updates….The ramifications of the actors strike at the weekend box office continues to be felt as ticket sales this weekend plummeted to $58.3M, which is currently the third lowest of 2023. Remember, Legendary/Warner Bros’ Zendaya-Timothee Chalamet-Austin Butler-Florence Pugh sequel Dune: Part Two was originally set to play this weekend, and with its departure, there’s at least $50M if not substantially more missing from the box office. Legendary opted to move that sequel based on the Frank Herbert novel to March 2024 so that the actors could properly promote the sci-fi pic; the first pic’s ticket sales siphoned from a day-and-date theatrical play with streaming service Max.

Speaking of day-and-date, the good news with Universal-Peacock’s Five Nights at Freddy‘s is that it cracked past $100M, becoming one of a few titles with such a dynamic distribution model to do so; the bad news is that availability in home, plus the massive YA leaning nature of the IP, has the videogame movie dropping like a rock at $17.8M, -78%, for a running total by tomorrow of $112M. Freddy‘s is No. 1, benefitting from the circumstance that there’s no Dune 2…


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