Gen V Shows The Ease Of Radicalization By The Alt-Right

At the end of the finale, a news report shows photos of Sam and Cate, two white, blonde Supes presented as the new “Guardians of Godolkin,” with the sign-off that these two are “protecting us, our values, and our way of life.” Who is “us” in this situation if not the white supremacist status quo? This announcement is made after Homelander flies onto campus and neutralizes Marie, Jordan, Andre, and Emma to keep them in solitary isolation. Before attacking, he calls Marie an “animal,” a racist expression historically used against Black people.

Homelander is currently “mask off” as a fascist, and as /Film’s own Dani Ryan pointed out in a phenomenal piece analyzing his character, he is representative of “the violent, misogynistic, hateful white supremacist men [who] are a small percentage of the population,” but correctly identified that “by being angry, violent, and bigoted publicly, he gives others permission to do the same, and that’s a terrifying proposition that’s all too real.” With Homelander killing people who disagree with him in public to uproarious applause, it’s no wonder that Sam and Cate are now thriving.

“The Boys” and “Gen V” showrunner Eric Kripke has already confirmed that season 4 of “The Boys” is going to pick up where “Gen V” left off, and that season 2 of “Gen V” will pick up after the events of “The Boys” season 4. As much as “Gen V” is a spin-off, it’s still the same universe, and the stories impacting these characters are all interconnected with those on “The Boys.” Ignoring what is happening in one area of society in this universe is foolish because what impacts one group will eventually impact them all … just as it does in our real world.

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