Hasbro Is Crowdfunding Ghostbusters Ghost Trap And PKE Meter Prop Replicas

Guess what? The “Ghostbusters” Ghost Trap and PKE Meter are already fully funded, so if you throw your support at this project now, you’re definitely getting one. Now you’ll be helping fans reach the stretch goals that give everyone some bonus items to complete your “Ghostbusters” ensemble. 

If the campaign hits 12,000 backers, the Supernatural Startup Unlock will be activated. This will a 18″x24″ P.K.E. Meter and Ghost Trap blueprint poster, some stickers inspired by the “Ghostbusters” universe, a set of five 4.5″x7″ ESP cards, inspired by Dr. Venkman’s experiments, and a screen-accurate ’84 No Ghost patch replica for your flight suit.

At 15,000 backers, we’ve got the Secure Receptacle Ghost Trap Unlock. This stretch goal really sweetens the deal, because it will add a Ghost Trap holster to the set, created with premium soft goods and real metal. If you weren’t prepared for full-on “Ghostbusters” cosplay yet, this will certainly help. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive Ghostbusters HasLab patch. 

Finally, 18,000 backers opens the Psychokinetic Energy Unlock, which will add a holster for the PKE Meter to the ensemble, also designed with premium soft goods and real metal pieces. And hey, how about one more patch for good measure? This time it will feature a Mini-Puft in the No Ghost logo. 

This crowdfunded project will be active through December 11, 2023, and since it hit the initial 10,000 backers in just a couple days, hopefully these stretch goals will be easy to crack. Head over to the HasLab site to throw your support behind the campaign for $299.99; it’s estimated to ship in late fall 2024.

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