Jason Momoa Plays Frisky Airline Pilot In Pre-Thanksgiving Sketch – Deadline

There is nothing quite like airport travel during the week of Thanksgiving.

Saturday Night Live took a look inside Newark Airport (everyone’s third choice) ahead of the holiday, poking fun at some of the common characters one can expect to see before their flight.

There’s the woman traveling with three emotional support dogs, the woman who took her Ambien too early, and the couple that is never taking another Thanksgiving trip again.

And then there’s the frisky airline pilot, Captain Gary Rogers, played by host Jason Momoa. Seated inside the airport’s Chili’s to-go, Captain Gary introduces himself by flirting with a female TSA agent, Chartreuse (played by Ego Nwodim). She and Gary have a flirtation going on, she says, and she’s trying to be “tappin the captain.”

“Just so you know, I give every woman I sleep with one of these nice wing pins,” Momoa’s character says, flicking one of the pins in the TSA agent’s direction.

The next time we see Captain Gary, he’s getting properly drunk inside the Chili’s to-go. As the sketch ends, Chartreuse is seemingly nowhere to be found. When she reappears with Captain Gary, he reassures that she was just “getting her wings.”

Watch the sketch below.

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