Jason Momoa Spoofs Roman Empire TikTok Trend – Deadline

Even the Saturday Night Live writers can’t stop thinking about the Roman Empire.

The sketch show took advantage of a viral TikTok trend where users ask the men in their lives how often they think of the Roman Empire, with the help of host Jason Momoa.

The sketch opens with Momoa sitting forlorn on a bed as his partner sings behind him, wondering what’s on his mind.

Along with Kenan Thompson, whose partner also wishes she knew what was going on inside her man’s head. Luckily, the answer is much more simple than they might have though. Inside their heads, they’re rapping about ancient Rome and all of its accomplishments.

“Roman Empire! Ancient Rome! Five times a day it enters in my dome,” Momoa sings, clad in full gladiator armor.

The Roman Empire trend has been circulating the internet for a few months now, but it makes perfect sense why SNL would wait for someone like Momoa to take a stab at it. The actor looks like he would fit right in with his beard and the gleaming gold armor.

The sketch also takes a stab at pondering what women and children think about too. According to SNL, the ladies are constantly thinking about astrology (which Momoa points out the Romans had a hand in), while kids are all about dinosaurs.

The sketch is not available online yet, but it will be added to this post whenever it is.

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