Loki Season 2 Episode 5 Gives Loki His Own Infinity War Tragedy

For some characters, this is more upsetting than others. While Ke Huy Quan’s OB is more curious than bothered by his disassembly, using the last seconds to note that “it was a fiction problem” after all, Owen Wilson’s Mobius is a lot less willing to go gently into the night. Mobius — or Don, as he’s called in the real world — thinks of his sons at the last moment, even making a move toward the door as if he can run to them in time. It’s sad, but because it’s a show with as much topsy-turvy narrative logic as “Loki,” the group ends up right as rain only moments later. And because this season is overseen by sci-fi and horror creatives Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, the scene comes across as more trippy or scary than heartbreaking.

Take the first undoing scene, for example. Sylvie (Sophia di Martino) grabs a pair of headphones and sinks into an oversized record store couch, collapsing into her surroundings as “Oh! Sweet Nuthin'” by The Velvet Underground begins to play. It’s in this moment that the world around her starts to come apart. A customer walking in the front door blips away, then the store owner’s coffee mug disappears. 

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