Luis Guzman To Star In ‘Miles Away’ For Grandave — AFM – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Actor Luis Guzman has signed on to star in the feature Miles Away, which Grandave International is launching as part of its slate at the American Film Market. 

Written and directed by Jackie Quinones, synopsis reads: A dreamer making ends meet as a rideshare driver is on a collision course with reality as she struggles with the hardships of poverty, bad decisions, and a mentally ill sister.

Alongside Miles Away, Grandave is launching thrillers No Way Out and Shut Eye. No Way Out tells the story of the character Matteo, played by Jeff Adler (Beautiful Boy.) He is forced to take on a double murder case after the suspect threatens his family. Attorney Brian Nelson begins to unravel the facts and learns the case isn’t what it seems. Acquired at the MIFF 37 South Market, Shut Eye is a 90-minute drama where to cure their insomnia, a social outcast befriends an ASMR streamer where the lines between friendship and obsession become blurred.

Also on the company’s AFM lineup are The Vessel, directed by Nick Lyon, and A Typical Pirate, directed by Ruben Islas, financed by Grandave Capital, and produced by Jolene Rodriguez at Broken English Productions

“As representatives of Grandave International, we are thrilled beyond measure to showcase these extraordinary films at the American Film Market,” said Tamara Nagahiro of Grandave International. 

“Each film we present carries a unique blend of captivating storytelling, exceptional talent, and groundbreaking cinematic artistry. Our excitement stems from the belief that these films will leave an indelible mark on audiences worldwide, transcending boundaries and fostering a deeper appreciation for the power of storytelling. We are honored to be part of this cinematic journey and look forward to sharing these awe-inspiring creations with the esteemed industry professionals gathered at the American Film Market.”

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