Michael Phelps and Pregnant Wife Nicole Reveal Sex of Baby No. 4

While Nicole said Michael was thrilled from the get-go, she noted it took her “some time to process” the pregnancy—sharing she’s happy but knows the demands of parenthood. 

“Listen, I’m a mom and I know how much work that it takes,” she said. “I personally believe in pretty much sacrificing two years of my life to this new baby. But we are so excited. I don’t even want to call him a surprise because he is wanted. He’s the bonus we didn’t know we needed.”

And the model and the gold medalist aren’t the only ones looking forward to adding a new member to their team.

“The sweetest thing is how genuinely excited the boys are to meet their brother,” she added. “Having four boys will be crazy but wonderful.”

While the Phelps’ baby won’t make his debut until 2024, here’s a look back at stars who welcomed little ones in 2023.

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