Patrick J. Adams’ Dream Suits Cameo Never Came To Be

On his show “Larry King Now,” Adams and Markle spoke about how much their lives had changed with the monumental success of “Suits,” and the possibility of having a Hollywood legend appear on the show in some capacity. “I keep trying to get Dustin to come from ‘Luck,'” Adams wished out loud. “I want to get Dustin Hoffman.” 

From a distance, that ask may have seemed like a massive long shot. But when Adams was still a struggling actor, he appeared on HBO’s ill-fated show “Luck” which centered around the high-stakes world of professional horse racing. Adams had a three-episode arc as a cutthroat securities trader Natan Israel, who boasted the confidence of his character Mike Ross on “Suits” with none of the humility. If Adams was a betting man, he seemed to be fully aware that the odds were not in his favor. “I think it’s gonna be a little bit of a hard sell, but I’ve tried,” he told King.

During filming, Adams endured a 14-hour day filming a scene with Hoffman, Dennis Farina, and Joan Allen in a cramped elevator, according to an interview in The Hollywood Reporter. The two actors must have bonded just enough for Adams to think that he could convince Hoffman to walk into the offices of Pearson Darby Specter on “Suits” for what would have been one of the most high-profile cameos in cable TV history. 

In the Larry King interview, King and Adams briefly bonded over working with Hoffman and how the legendary actor loved telling stories about his Oscar-winning career. King worked with Hoffman in 1997’s “Mad City” starring John Travolta. Adams remarked, “He’ll see you and just stop and tell a story, and no crew is gonna go ‘No no no, we don’t have time for this,’ because it’s, you know, the best Old Hollywood story you’ve ever heard.” 

Who knows, maybe there’s a chance Hoffman could still appear in the new show set in the “Suits” universe that’s officially in development. 

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