Proof Nick Carter’s Love of Fatherhood Is Larger Than Life

And at-home performances have continued as the children have gotten older.

“And now that they’re older, Saoirse, actually when I try to play the guitar and prepare for tour, she gets really emotional over it, she has big feelings,” Nick—who is currently on his Who I Am Tour through November—explained. “But then she’ll come in the room, and she’ll jump on the electronic drum set, and she’ll have these big headphones on, and she’ll just be banging out. So she’s into music, but she likes the drums more, and that’s great. And she sings too. All of them get on the karaoke machine, and they’re just singing by themselves.”

So if their childhood interest proves lasting, their dad is ready to support them—under one condition. 

“If they ever wanted to do it, you know I would support them,” Nick said, before adding with a smile, “but it’s school first. School first, and then when you wanna do it, then you can do it in school.”

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