Scorned girlfriend gets the ultimate revenge on her ex-partner with a very public gesture

A furious woman left a scathing message for her ex-partner outside his office building in Southport on the Gold Coast.

The message on the board was direct and explicit, stating; ‘Next time play with my cl*t better than you played with me.’

The incident gained attention after a photo of the message was shared online with the caption: ‘Someone in Southport was a little upset,’ prompting widespread reactions. 

A Gold Coast woman left a scathing message (above) outside her ex-partner's office building

A Gold Coast woman left a scathing message (above) outside her ex-partner’s office building

‘Pure art,’ one wrote. 

‘Skanksy?,’ another said, playing on famous graffiti artist Banksy. 

‘I haven’t laughed this hard in years. That’s gold,’ another said. 

Others questioned why the woman included the words ‘next time’. 

‘The important thing is that she’s giving him a second chance to do better,’ one joked.

‘Does this mean she’ll be back for more?,’ another said.

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