Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Gets Ridiculously Meta In Its Fourth Episode

At the end of the first episode, Scott Pilgrim loses his first fight and seemingly dies. This has big repercussions for everyone, including “Young” Neil, Sex Bob-omb’s roadie/fanboy. For him, Scott’s death is a wake/up call. Neil ends up getting some divine inspiration from a sleep paralysis demon and writes a screenplay inspired by Scott’s life — all in one night.

In a hilarious turn of events, the script becomes the hottest story in Hollywood. It instantly becomes a movie, titled “Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life,” which is the title of the show’s first episode, and the title of the first volume of the comics. 

The fake film is all a big nod to Edgar Wright’s version of “Scott Pilgrim.” It is directed by one Edgar Wrong, and shot by Jan de Pope (a combination of cinematographers Jan de Bont and Bill Pope, the latter of whom shot Wright’s live-action adaptation). Playing Scott is superstar Lucas Lee (at least at first) while Envy Adams plays Ramona Flowers (something that would make Scott roll in his grave, to be honest). After complaining about casting a straight actor to play him, Wallace talks his way into playing himself.

Because it’s a rather outlandish story about a man killing the exes of the girl he’s hoping to date like it’s a video game, absolutely no one on set can even imagine it is based on real people. Some of the funniest moments in the episode come from the huge confusion on set whenever one of Scott’s real friends shows up — they think they are really committed auditioners and method actors. Making matters more confusing, Ramona decides to take a job as the stunt double for the actor playing her.

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