The Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie Finally Put A Bonnie Debate To Rest

It was an easy mistake to make. Since so much of the original games take place at night (it’s “Five Nights at Freddy’s” not “Several Days”), Bonnie was always seen lurking in the shadows like Batman, rarely receiving any direct and prolonged light. As such, many people, including tie-in toy manufacturers, assumed that Bonnie was a shade of light, gentle violet or lavender. Bennett was as surprised as you were. He said: 

“We had to figure out what the textures and colors were. Bonnie’s interesting, because in all of the media that I was looking at when I was researching it, he’s purple. When I did the original designs, I made Bonnie purple. Well, I didn’t realize that Bonnie is blue. It had something to do with the lighting in the first game. When you look at the plushies, and all the toys, Bonnie’s usually purple. But Scott [Cawthon] was the one that was like, ‘No, he’s blue.’ So that was a lot of back and forth to get that nailed down correctly.” 

In the film, Bonnie is clearly colored a muted but friendly blue-grey. Bennet also reported that Cawthon gave his own personal thumbs-up to the monster designs. He added: 

Scott Cawthon, when he came down, he was there about a week before we started filming, and he was so grateful. ‘This is exactly what I wanted them to look like. This is what I imagined they would look like.’ It’s Scott that you want to make happy, and I think the fact that he was so impressed with everything made the work worthwhile.” 

The “FNaF” movie was, for many, the first time one could see the monsters up close and personal. Given the film’s success, the game’s many fans were pleased with the results. 

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