The Most Controversial Deaths In Sci-Fi TV History

The annals of despised series finales include  “Seinfeld,” “Dexter,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and … “Star Trek: Enterprise.” Its concluding episode, “These Are The Voyages…,” rewarded its dwindling viewership with a kick in the teeth. How? The series’ characters took a backseat to “The Next Generation’s” Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes). Oh, and they killed Trip.

Charles “Trip” Tucker III (Connor Trinneer) had a vibrant and easygoing personality, unwavering loyalty, and courage in defending his convictions that endeared him to viewers. In a misguided attempt to inject some gravitas into a pointless storyline, Trip met an abrupt end. His actions felt starkly out of character and unnecessary. Worse, another “TNG” interloper, Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) tipped off the audience to Tucker’s fate, saying “It’s sad. Commander Tucker had no idea he wouldn’t make it back.”

After Trip blows himself up real good, his actual death occurs off-camera. Afterward, he’s forgotten faster than a dead redshirt on Gamma Trianguli IV. The finale provided no emotional closure for either the characters or the audience, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of incensed fans. The series concluded with Trip forgotten, and Riker uttering the underwhelming final line, “Computer, end program.” Arguably the most anticlimactic anticlimax in the franchise’s history.

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