The Nun II Director Reveals Where You Can Spot Key Easter Eggs [Exclusive]

Chaves points to three distinct Easter eggs that are visible for anyone close-watching “The Nun II.” The first takes place during a memorable scene in which Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) is taunted by a vision of Valak (Bonnie Aarons) that comes to life within the image of a newsstand. Chaves told Collider that the scene was achieved with a combination of visual effects and magazines that were mechanically rigged to move in tandem. In his interview with /Film, Chaves reveals that “Leading up to the newsstand sequence … It actually spells out ‘Valak’ on the location. I had boarded it out.”

While Chaves doesn’t say where the letters V-A-L-A-K appear, one Reddit user has already caught each instance and shared them on r/MovieDetails. This isn’t the first time Valak’s name has foreshadowed her appearance, either: the name shows up several times in “The Conjuring 2,” including in the beads of a child’s bracelet and in block letters on a bookshelf. According to Chaves, adding the letters into the ramp-up to the newsstand sequence led to some interesting challenges when the edit came around. “We had to commit to, ‘This shot’s going to be here. This shot’s going to be here in the edit,'” he told /Film. “Usually, you’re always playing with things in the edit. But that was one thing that I was like, ‘It needs to tell it in sequence. We got to get all of the letters in sequence.'”

The second Easter egg apparently appears during a climactic scene in which Sister Irene faces off against Valak. Chaves is pretty tight-lipped about the details on this one, but says, “The other thing is you get a glimpse … I’m not going to say of what or who. But when Irene is up in the air facing Valak, you get a glimpse of something.”

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