The Only Major Actors Still Alive From The A-Team Series

After the series ended in 1987, Mr. T (yes, that’s his legal name) continued his wrestling career, to the point where in 2014 the WWE inducted him into its Hall of Fame for its celebrity wing. He also continued his acting career, starring in movies throughout the ’90s and ’00s like “Freaked,” “Spy Hard,” “Inspector Gadget,” “Not Another Teen Movie,” “Judgment,” and “Cloudy With a Chance Meatballs.” In television, he often appeared as himself in comedy shows like “Out of This World,” “Blossom,” “The Simpsons,” and “Johnny Bravo.” 

Most recently he was a contestant on season 24 of “Dancing With the Stars,” which aired in 2017. He was eliminated in the fourth round, placing tenth overall. Were the judges being fair in their ruling? You can watch and decide for yourself here

Outside of the entertainment industry, Mr. T has battled with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, which he was diagnosed with in 1995. In 2000 when he was in remission, he joked about the experience, saying, “Can you imagine that?! Cancer with my name on it — personalized cancer.” He’s still going strong 23 years later, serving as an inspiration to many. “I have grown into a cancer fighter. I am a soldier, a veteran at that,” Mr. T told Survivor Net. “Cancer wants to fight me again. I am not afraid this time. Fighting cancer for the third time, can I still believe in God? Yes, I can, and stronger than before.”

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