The Truth About Whether Travis Kelce’s Style Connects to Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce‘s got a reputation for sending subliminal messages about Taylor Swift with his wardrobe.

In recent weeks, Swifties have been dissecting the NFL player’s fashion choices to figure out if he’s dropping Easter eggs about the Grammy winner. Take, for instance, when Travis sported a pair of loose-fitted brown velvet pants, which led Taylor’s fans to believe he paid homage to the curtains in the background of her Midnights album TikTok series.

Now, his stylist Danielle Salzedo is addressing the theories.

“They are playful, polished and cozy, which Travis always does so well,” the fashion expert told Us Weekly in a Nov. 1. interview about the viral pants. “I don’t have the answer to the [curtain theory]. However, when people authentically connect, they start to have those serendipitous coincidences.” 

She added, “I love the narrative being drawn to his looks.”

As for what the athlete prefers in his closet? Well, Danielle knows his taste all too well.

“He plays a lot with monochromatic sets as well as oversized [looks],” she noted. “He doesn’t shy away from mixing prints in unexpected ways.” 

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