Why Catherine Lowe Worries About This Potential Golden Bachelor Issue

These days their middle child is not only fully recovered, “He is the joy of our family,” said Catherine. “He’s Mr. Popular and I just can’t imagine my life without him.” 

As for the Seattle native’s journey with former Bachelor Sean, 39, while it’s certainly not the most dramatic ever, it’s still quite sweet

“Honestly, if I could capture the feeling that we have in our house, it is exactly what we wanted,” she said of discussions they had during their season’s 2013 run. “We’re living in a dream world. We’re very, very blessed. We feel so grateful that our kids get along with each other and they’re sweet, they’re polite, they’re curious. So we feel like we’ve been dealt a very good hand right now. And we’re just taking it in.”

And they’re not the only ones still happily sporting their Neil Lane hardware. As we raise a toast to the pair who will mark their 10th anniversary in January, let’s also cheers to these other Bachelor Nation duos. 

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