Why Kendall Jenner Was Ready for Bad Bunny to Hop Into Her Life

“I love really hard, and I love without apology,” she told Harper’s Bazaar for its September 2023 cover story. “I don’t like goodbyes, and I will fight to not have to say goodbye. I will always fight for relationships. I’ve been that way since I was little, although I was shy and sometimes very closed off. I don’t give up on anything. Some people aren’t willing to meet me at that level. But that’s okay. I’d rather do that than shut myself off to something and not give it a proper chance.”

And in the meantime, she’s busy resting up for whatever’s next. 

With the space-time continuum always bending between the present day and whenever they actually said what makes it into episodes of The Kardashians, Kendall remarked awhile ago—as seen on the Sept. 30 season premiere—”I’m the worst single person ever, because I’m not going out. I’m not exploring anything. I just sit at home. But whatever, I don’t chase—I attract.”

She wasn’t looking, she added, describing herself as “really good at being independent.” Rather, “I think I just find myself in relationships.”

And then along came Bad Bunny.

Read on to see more scenes from their low-key romance: 

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